Meet the Head Coach Danny Long


Coaching Qualifications: FA Level 1

Favourite Football Team: Tottenham Hotspur. I love their style of football - creative with the ball and pressing high without it



Favourite Player: Paul Gascoigne All time favourite player: Dennis Bergkamp.

Both are unbelieveable players and I've had the pleasure of watching them both many times.


Grassroots background: I have coached development level football at Charlwood Village JFC and Furngate Youth FC for a combined total of 6 years. I've also coached Pro Select Football Academy.


What got me into Football: When I think back to how I really got into football, it started in 1986 with the World Cup in Mexico. I completed the wall chart, collected the stickers and watched so many games I felt like I was there.

Meet the Assistant Coach Kaysha Franchi

Coaching Qualifications:  FA Level 1 Currently working towards a BSc Hons in Sport Coaching  

Favourite Football Team:  Men’s-Tottenham Women’s- Chelsea  


Earliest Football memory/memories:  Going up to Stamford Bridge with my dad to watch the Chelsea Men’s team, first game I remember watching was against Norwich, always loved football, since a very young age too so would take any opportunity to go and watch it or play.  


Favourite Player/Players:  

Aaron Lennon- would always get excited to go and watch Tottenham at White Hart Lane and see him play always loved him as a player.  

Siobhan Chamberlain- Former England and Manchester United Women’s player, as a goal keeper I idolised Chamberlain, and I’m glad I got to watch her play before she retired against Lewes FC whilst I was still at the club.  


Why did you choose to coach grassroots?  

I’ve played football since I was 7/8 years old, I am now 21. I always enjoyed looking for ways in which I could improve my performance and better myself, I am also working towards becoming a PE Teacher and the main reason for that is because I want to help children develop and improve in a range of different sports as well as learn and develop the basic skills and movements. So, by coaching football, it always me to enjoy the game as well as show others my knowledge and learning and hopefully make a difference to their game as much as possible. For the future, I am looking to gain my FA Level 1 in Goalkeeping as well as my FA Level 2 qualification to broaden my knowledge and learn about more specific areas within the game.


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