Meet the Coach Martin Francis & Danny Crutthall

Team: Under Under 8s Youth

Coaching Qualifications: FA Level 1

Favourite Football Team:

Favourite Player:


Why did you chose to coach grassroots?



Coaching Qualifications: Experience

Favourite Football Team:

Favourite Player: Teddy Sheringham….a Spurs legend who I based myself on 


None but 25 years of semi-pro football England school boys and many more achievements

I first started football at the early age of 4 my dad played vets and I went along for many years

My first ever team was wasps based in Kent where after 2 seasons Playing at the age of 10 I scored 88 goals in 1 season

I then later got scouted for Millwall Chelsea QPR and Leyton Orient

I also got top grades in the country in the Coca-Cola soccer scheme.

I was also picked out of 20000 boys from the UK to train at Bobby Charlton soccer school

I also went to Vishal abbey for 3 days to train for a place in Lillyshaw where most pros back in the 90s went that are playing still today

I have been managed by Ray Wilkins Gary Waddock through my playing career

I scored a Hat-trick for Millwall against Chelsea 

Favourite Memory: Going to the old den with my dad and running on the pitch at the very last game at the old Den

QPR v Man Utd being able to sit behind a dug out and wear my squad number tracksuit no44

Why did I choose grassroots? Firstly to get my boy into a local team I then became attached towards the club and offered to help a few training sessions I then became addicted to it in a strange way and I believe the massive experiences I had as a footballer I can pass my knowledge onto the younger player 

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