Meet the coach Lee Crossan

Under: 9s Hawks


Coaching Qualifications: FA Introduction to coaching football (FA level 1)


Favourite football team(s): Arsenal and Crawley Town



Earliest football memory: Watching Liverpool v Arsenal 1989 last game of the season, at 8 years old I had no idea of the significance of the game or what the score meant, other than Arsenal had won but the excitement in the commentators voice made me fall in love with both the game and team.

Favourite Player: David Beckham


Why did you choose to coach grassroots? In 2008 my playing career was cut short after I collapsed while playing football and I was left severely disabled. Due to my disabilities I am no longer able to play any form of competitive football but my love for the sport remained.

Being fortunate enough to have 3 boys I knew that while I couldn’t have a kick about with them I could help develop their skills.

After my middle son missed out on signing up with a team last season I volunteered to manage a second team to ensure the children weren’t left disappointed. Having played for Furngate as a child myself I knew it was a club that would help my children thrive and improve not only as footballers but as people.

Coaching Qualifications: FA Introduction to coaching football (FA level 1)


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Earliest football memory: 

Favourite Player: 

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