Meet the Manager Russell Bosher

Coaching Qualifications:

Favourite Football Team:                 Tottenham Hotspur 

Favourite Player:                                Ledley King

Earliest Football Memory:                Paul Gascoigne scoring against Arsenal in the 1991 semi final of the FA Cup.

Why I chose to coach grassroots    I started to help my son's team, the coach left the team and I took on the role of head coach and really enjoying the challenge. I started playing football as a boy and to do the coaching now is really rewarding.



Meet the Assistant Coach Neil Mackey-Fitzsimons


Coaching Qualifications:

Favourite Football Team:   Arsenal

Favourite Player:                  Thierry Henry

Earliest Football Memory:  Playing in the Mid-Sussex cup Final at the Withdean Stadium and scoring the winning goal. 

Why I chose to coach grassroots: Like many other coaches, I got involved with coaching due to my eldest son, who joined a team 6 years ago and after the first season, the manager reached out and asked me if i would like to get involved with the coaching and managing the team. Since then I have been involved with that squard and at the beginning of last season to help out with the Furngate Youth Squad. In terms of achievements, we coached my eldest sons team 16/16 winsinvincible season last year and made to the cup final too.




Meet the Assistant Coach Michael Younge


Coaches Qualifcations:      Safeguarding, First Aid 

Favourite Football Team:  Chelsea 

Favourite Player:                 Current: Jude Bellingham, All Time: Eden Hazard

Earliest Football Memory:  my dad taking me to my first Chelsea in 1987, it was just amazing, the players and the whole day, made me realise how special the game is?. 

Why I ChoseGrassroots:     From there it has been a passion of mine to follow and now help young players to develop their football playing abilities.


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