Meet the coach Dave Cummins & Sam Thorp

Team: Under Under 9s Youth


Coaching Qualifications:

Favourite Football Team: Tottenham Hotspur

Favourite Player: Paul Gascoigne




Earliest Football Memory: 1991 FA cup final which was my first game to go and watch live.


Why did you choose to coach grass-roots? I have played football at a semi-pro level for most of my senior years and wanted something back to the kids. all the coaches that have been there to help me progress and now I want to do it for others. I can't wait to see my teams progress from under 8s into older ages and see their skills and mentality blossom throughout the years.

I love the game of football and how it brings new friends and enjoyment to the kid's life.


Coaching Qualifications:

Favourite Football Team: Tottenham Hotspur 

Favourite Player: Teddy Sheringham….a Spurs legend who I based myself on 


Earliest Football Memory: going to watch Tottenham v Wimbledon at selhurst park at the age of 5 and seeing Tottenham win 6-1

Why I chose to coach grassroots: as I cannot play myself anymore due to injury I missed the buzz of football on a weekend, also if I can pass on some of my knowledge and experience to the next generation that would be great!

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